Thanks for checking out KryptoSign.

We built KryptoSign to solve a very practical problem we kept running into. We've been creating NFTs since 2017 and we often want to offer perks to the people who support us, such as physical prints of the NFT art. But it can be pretty cumbersome to bridge the world of the blockchain and NFTs with the physical world.

KryptoSign solves this problem. It's a user friendly way to let users create simple documents that others can sign with their MetaMask or other crypto wallet. KryptoSign is perfect for simple contracts, guest books etc.

Features include:

KryptoSign's approach is straightforward. We have a simple database where we store your documents and the public wallet addresses of each party that signed them. The database is securely stored. We don't collect personally identifiable information other than what the user provides and their public wallet address.

We have a pretty long list of things we want to add to the app, starting with posting the signed documents to the blockchain (later this week we hope). Join our Discord if you have ideas or questions, or drop us a line!

KryptoSign is a product of BLOCK::BLOCK.

-Kai and Bart